Thought for the Day

I like to think of myself as a master chef, however, I have never had any training other than that of my mother.  She taught me well with her recipes from my Grandmother who in my personal opinion was truly a Master Chef.  She was Southern and stayed true to her cooking style.  Everything had butter in it and quite possibly an oil of some kind.  Whether it was EVOO, Vegetable, Peanut or Canola (to name a few) Oil she added something for flavor.  I think a piece of her went into every dish she created.  I share this story because I am interested in where everyone else learned to cook.  Do you think that learning to cook at a school makes you better at cooking that someone that is self taught?  I think that is a tough question to answer since many of the famous chefs on the food network never went to culinary school.  Is it possible that being self taught brings a little something extra to your food? Regardless of a chefs start or their roots, a chef is a chef for one reason.....they love food!  That doesn't mean they necessarily love to eat but for me, it is about sharing my creations and seeing people smile when they eat it.  That first bite into a dish says it all.  It is true magic when a dish speaks volumes in the first bite.  My next venture will be canning/preserving.  Thanks to my friends over at Scissors & Drumsticks for peaking my interest in this process.  I am excited to get this started and learn not only to save money and food but make memories with my family.