Tip # 4 Best Oils All Around

This is probably the most frequently asked question I receive.  I have always made a point to stay clear of vegetable oil due to its many health problems it can cause.  Here is a list of oils that I use regularly in my kitchen and why I use them.  I make a point to keep all of these oils in my cupboard.

1 - Grapseed Oil:  This is a great oil for lowering cholesterol.  It has a very light taste and I use it a lot in place of Olive Oil.  Smoke Point 420 degrees.

2 - Peanut Oil: This oil has been shown to reduce heart disease.  It contains resveratrol, which is found in grapes and red wine and helps reduce cardiovascular disease and reduce cancer risk.  Peanut Oil can be used in MANY ways such as pop corn, frying foods, to saute or grill foods.  Smoke Point 460 degrees.

3 - Walnut Oil:  This oil has also been shown to reduce heart disease but in a different way.  This oil lowers triglycerides.  This is a great oil to sprinkle on salads.  You can also finish off your chicken or fish plates with this oil.  Smoke Point 400 degrees.

4 - Sesame Oil:  This is a great oil for providing Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which means it helps lower cholesterol. Sesame oil also contains magnesium, copper, calcium, iron and vitamin B6.  It is also a VERY popular oil in Asian foods.  My family loves to eat Stir Fry's and we use this quite often in them.

5 - Flaxseed Oil:  This oil if full of Omega-3's Fatty Acids.  As a matter of fact, flaxseed oil provides the highest concentration of these fats of any non-fish food.  The fatty acids make arteries more flexible, reduce inflammation in the arteries, reduce blood clots and even lessen the chance of fatal heart attacks.  This is a great oil to add to salads.  This is an oil that needs to stay refrigerated as heat destroys the omega-3's.  Smoke Point 225 degrees.

6 - Rice Bran Oil:  This is an excellent healthy alternative all around.  This oil has a really high flash point which prevents the nutrients to break down when cooking at high temperatures. This is probably the most versatile oil on the market and closest to AHA recommendations overall.  Smoke Point 490 degrees.

7 - Olive Oil:  I could never leave out olive oil.  It is one of my favorites.  Although it may not be known to prevent any major illnesses it is a superior oil to saute with or use in salads.  Smoke Point 325 degrees.

8 - Almond Oil:  This is one of my favorite to bake with.  This can be very tasty on proteins while frying as well.  Smoke point comes in at 495 degrees.

9 - Safflower Oil:  This is a great oil for rice dishes as well as your proteins such as fish or chicken.  It has a light taste and the Smoke Point is 450 degrees.

10 - Sunflower Oil - This is one of my favorites to use on vegetables.  This oil has a low saturated fat level and can withstand high heat.  I love this oil with Zucchini. Smoke Point is 460 Degrees.


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